Guatemala's attractions are as diverse as the colors of their textiles and handicrafts

Culture and Nature

Guatemala has become a very appreciated tourist destination because it gives the traveler a unique experience, where you will find all you are looking for in a single country: archaeology, culture & nature at its best!

Guatemala “The land of eternal spring”, is a country of color, folklore & spectacular natural beauty. Colonial cities that have been preserved almost intact since the XVI century and Mayan cities that take us back in time to a civilization that flourished at the beginning of the Christian Era… Traditional Indian markets where its inhabitants still wear their traditional costumes and preserve their culture & traditions as they have for centuries… Guatemala is mountains, volcanoes, tropical forests & jungle, mangroves, rivers, lakes, wide coastal lines in the Pacific and in the Caribbean; and our people, only waiting to welcome you with a friendly smile! Step into this adventure and discover the magic & beauty of Guatemala! We are waiting for you!