Sustainable tourism

STP GUATEMALA is a social responsible company, which supports and promotes the development of local projects and iniciatives, that strives for better environmental, economic & social practices

Among the projects that STP supports, either individually or in collaboration with some of our clients (in particular the Latin American Travel of England and Voyageurs du Monde of France), we support the poor families in Atitlán Lake with the project of efficient stoves, executed by the Cojolyá Association.

Recently in 2016 began The Project Painting Santa Catarina Palopó seeking joint efforts between the Friends of Lago Association and the Municipality of Santa Catarina Palopó to achieve the realization of an art project with social impact on a monumental scale in the population of Santa Catarina , Working with renowned Dutch artists, Jeroen Koolhas and Andreas Urhan, known as "Haas & Hahn.